Fruit Machine

Retro Reels

I've spent a lot of time playing the slots in casinos, bars and in online casinos. The one slot machine that I seem to find in all places is the Fruit machine. I love this little slot machine. It offers many possibilities and ways to win. I've played it in bars that claim to not pay out any money because this machine is for "entertainment purposes only" and have had plenty of entertainment pulling that handle back waiting for some matching fruit to show up on the screen. Whether it's lemons, oranges, cherries or bananas, when you see three in a row of these little babies, you've won something.

The Fruit Slot machine apparently is not just a favorite of mine as they're featured in so many places that offer slot machines for fun or for real cash payouts. It's probably because they offer so many possibilities for payout. You can win in more than one way with just one pull of the handle. When you win you can cash out immediately or have the machine "bank" your money until you're finished playing. You keep playing and wait and hope for that screen to show up that is filled with all the same fruit, which means you've finally hit it lucky! Find out more at or and start playing today!