Triple Diamond Is Triple Fun

Triple Diamond Triple Diamond slot

I don't get to the casino real often as time and budget just don't manage to coincide with each other. However, on the occasions that I do make it my nearby casino, I always head to my favorite slots. Yes, I do have my favorites. Sometimes, they've been my friend and other times, they've not been so good to me, but the Triple Diamond slots are always my faves. They even look exciting with the many varieties of winnings when the oval shaped Triple Diamond rears its pretty head on the screen.

If you happen to win something and the Triple Diamond is part of the trio, you'll win 3 times that amount. If two Triple Diamonds show up, you'll win 9 times what you'd normally win. For instance, if 3 thick bars would get you $20, then a two thick bars with a Triple Diamond make your winnings $60 and one thick bar and two Triple Diamonds make it $180. There's just something about the Triple Diamonds that add a thrill and excitement to playing this slot. I seem to want to play and play while I keep trying to entice that Triple Diamond to present itself 3 times in a row!